As one of the nation’s largest natural gas distributors serving about three million customers in over 1,400 communities in nine states, Atmos Energy’s vision is to be the country’s safest provider of natural gas services. Every communication ultimately centers around this theme. Consequently, the visual brand that portrays that concept must be simple, positive and consistent. Additionally, Atmos Energy endeavors to be technically innovative, partner with the community in sustainability and focus on giving back to the customers they serve.



Peterson Ray & Company was initially hired in 2008 to work on a single project, the Employee Annual Report. Since then, the visual brand has expanded to include an energetic and consistent look for nearly every important communication that Atmos Energy produces. We’ve developed employee annual reports, customer mailers, website design, field manuals and safety guides and, most recently, the Integrated Annual Report, which includes the 10-K financial annual report combined with a comprehensive sustainability report.