Client Stories – Atmos Energy Corporation Visions


Atmos Energy’s goal is to be the country’s safest provider of natural gas services. Every communication ultimately centers on this theme, including Visions, the employee publication written for employees and retirees of Atmos Energy Corporation. The intent of this publication is to summarize the objectives and achievements of the current fiscal year, advances in innovation, sustainability efforts and highlight stories of how employees give back to their communities.


Visions was created to speak to a wide variety of Atmos Energy employees from management, customer service and administrative personnel to on-the-job field workers. To guarantee this appeal the publication requires colorful, friendly images and information sound bites, without the use of heavy text. As for photography, stock images do not suffice since stories about the accomplishments of specific employees working in nine different states are featured.


The initial design in 2016 of Visions served as the flagship publication launching the visual brand standards that would eventually be applied to the Integrated Annual Report and Operations Reports. A limited color palette consisting of Atmos Energy blue, black, grey, yellow, green and red, and limiting the type font families to Futura and Minion Pro give Visions its appealing look. Simple design with info-graphics, large colorful photography and limited text make the publication easy to read for the varied audiences.