The Peterson Ray Process


To begin the research phase, we review your website, current publications, and other communications in order to understand your existing brand. We visit on-site with staff, stakeholders, clients, and key players to determine what sets you apart in your market. We call it “intuitive” research because, instead of impersonal quantitative numbers, it is based on real-life perceptions.


We compile the data and present you with a Findings Report that accurately reflects your current brand–how you are perceived. We then use this information to develop the four to five key messages that resonate with your audience. These become the “planks” or key points that make up your message platform. All future communications spring from this platform.


The most powerful communication happens when verbal messages are combined with supporting visual images. Together with your input, we create design that is customized to your needs and reflects your message platform. At Peterson Ray & Company, we provide distinctive design communication that sets you apart from your competitors and calls your audience to action.