And we’ve structured our business to make that happen.

We founded EyeOn Eyewear with the vision of providing an eyewear solution without compromise. The very latest styles. The most advanced technologies. Service that delivers. Relationships that last.

Our no–compromise beliefs enable us to push the world’s leading manufacturers to produce frames our way — your way — with exceptional focus on the tiniest of features. Top materials for screws and hinges. Clip–on polarized lenses that make a single pair of glasses a cool solution indoors or out. The very same styles that could cost hundreds of dollars more if you bought them somewhere else.

In short, we structured our business with your business — and your customers — in mind.

So you’re viewed as a provider of choice — and your customers keep coming back again and again.

Everything you want made easy.

Give EyeOn Eyewear a try on your next frame order and let us prove the difference. When you call, you’ll get an experienced pro on the line. No cumbersome online ordering. No time–consuming telephone run–around. We’ll take your order quickly and professionally and normally ship the same day. So you can spend more time serving your patients and less time ordering.

Making clip–ons hip again.

Unobtrusive clip–ons set us apart. They’re hardly noticeable but highly effective — turning one pair of glasses into two. So you offer greater value to your customers. Quite simply, we’ve made the technology work — and we’ll show you how it works. It’s one way technology sets us apart — and an even better way to set yourself apart in today’s competitive marketplace.